Meet the team

Our team all share the core values of our business and this greatly contributes towards our continued successes. Through teamwork and collaboration we are able to deliver outstanding services for our clients. Check out our team below.   

David Legge


David began Legge Infrastructure Services in 2017, building upon over 20 years of experience in the rail freight industry. David's ambition, drive and initiative as well as his extensive experience has driven the success of the business. His history in rail freight incorporates major logistical projects, including the 2012 London Olympics in which David successfully led his team to deliver a more sustainable, rail-based approach.

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John Rayner

Commercial Director

John is a Civil Engineering Management Consultant, with a wide range of experience across the UK civil engineering industry, and within the rail freight industry. His extensive professional career has led to an expertise in Contract and commercial modelling and in Procurement Strategy and Tender Pricing Models. John’s skills and expertise as well as his connections with other experts have given him prominent status within the industry and he is widely recognised in this regard.

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Nicola Legge

Head of HR & Finance

Nicola’s role within HR and the finance team has helped drive the success of LIS from the beginning. A professional career within secretarial and administrative roles has developed Nicola’s organisational and leadership skills. These abilities were improved whilst working as the Senior PA and Secretarial Coordinator within an accountancy firm, which also gave Nicola the opportunity to gain insight into finance.


Oliver Schepisi

General Manager

Oliver has almost 20 years experience leading rail logistics teams in planning, operations, and sales. Working throughout Europe he has led multiple change programs and re-organisations, he has introduced industry leading planning processes and developed business models that deliver huge value and sustained continuous improvement.

Oliver enjoys to lead by example and drives his teams to success through his motivational work ethic. 


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Cloe Raan

IT Project Manager 

Cloe is responsible for establishing and operating the Rail Logistics IT system, aiming to deliver continuous improvement through producing a transformational system. Cloe’s management skills, gained from a Bachelor of Arts (hons) in Economics and Business Management, and professional history in both Program and Project Management demonstrates her ability to succeed in both civil and mechanical engineering projects.

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Cash Radford 

Contract & Performance Manager 

Cash is a recent Economics & Business graduate with experience working within a rail logistics firm. Through his degree and university work placement, Cash has gained strong skills in management, marketing, logistic operations and performance management. Cash joins our operations team as one of many new recruits and will assist in the delivery of our rail logistics programmes and new business development.

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Graeme Murray

Terminal Manager

Graeme’s role is to operate the rail terminals, ensuring the team delivers at their highest performance level and to the safety and environmental standards of the project. 13 years in the rail freight industry means that Graeme is well practised in leading teams in both operational and commercial capacities. His ambition and strong professionalism are reflected in his track record of professional training in railway operations, health and safety, risk assessment production, train examination and waste and resource management to name a few.

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Abigail Legge

Research Assistant

Abigail is a part-time assistant within the company, responsible for supporting general administrative tasks. Previous experience within the hospitality sector has given her the opportunity to develop her organisational and customer service skills as well as a Master Degree in which written report and team work skills were improved upon. Abigail is responsible for managing our social media presence and engagement.

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Stuart Nurse

Control Tower Manager 

Stuart is an experienced multi-site Operations manager with over 18 years of experience in customer facing and managerial roles. Prior to joining our team Stuart spent 14 years in the Royal Regiment of Artillery. Stuart’s extensive work history demonstrates his expertise in project, operational and site management with experience in Health and Safety and waste and resource management. 

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Richard Clarke

Rail Consultant

With over 22 years' experience within the rail sector, Richard’s industry knowledge in rail operations and transport policy are integral to the success of the team. Richard's previous roles as Head of Transport Policy, Business Manager within a multi-modal logistics organisation reflects his strong leadership and multi-tasking abilities. Richard has recently gained his WAMITAB certificate and is fully competent in waste and resource management.

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Scott Hutchison

Project Manager

Scott is a logistics professional specialising in bulk haulage and rail freight with global experience across Europe, Asia and Australia. With experience designing, building and co-ordinating optimised mass haulage and construction logistics solutions.

Scott has worked on HS2 for over five years and has been a major catalyst in bringing the project to life.

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Chris Polack

Project Manager Infrastructure

Chris is a Chartered Civil Engineering professional with broad knowledge of the rail industry. With over 35 years in the rail and rail freight industry, Chris has expertise in Project management, Operational Safety, Commercial Relationships, Continuous Improvement, Contracts and Contract negotiation. His extensive track record demonstrates his effective management and strong leadership skills in addition to delivering advantageous solutions for clients.

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Natalie Buchan

Control Tower Manager

Natalie has over 20 years of experience in the rail industry, beginning her career as a platform supervisor Natalie has worked her way up through managerial roles meaning she has a strong understanding and first-hand experience of a range of aspects in the industry and the systems within rail freight projects. Her role is primarily being responsible for operating the control tower on site and ensuring the logistics team is fully informed of the plans and any deviations of such. Further, Natalie is the recipient of 4 company excellence awards reflecting her strong work ethic and high professionalism.

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Martin Morris

Project Manager Infrastructure

Martin has over 40 years of experience in the rail industry, as a Permanent Way Engineer with substantial experience in permanent way maintenance and renewals together with several major projects. This has given him the opportunity to develop a variety of skills and true understanding of the industry that complements those of a team involved in multi-disciplinary projects. Martin has been involved in many rail projects incorporating the design, implementation and management.