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London Olympics

The London Olympics in 2012 was one of the biggest events to have taken place in the UK and we are proud to have played our part in delivering this great spectacle. The London games utilised rail logistics allowing significant reductions in its environmental impact and effects on local communities, that would have been heavily disrupted by large road volumes.

During this project, members of our team helped design and build the Bow East Logistics Centre. This site ran five trains per day for two and a half years. 

Our team also managed a fleet of 30 vehicles responsible for running door to door delivery operations from our site. 


This site also planned and delivered intermodal solutions such as all the tiles for the Olympic swimming pools, which came from Northern Italy, and all the bathroom pods for the Olympic Village.

500,000 trucks removed from uk roads

4.5 million tonnes of material moved by rail

Ran 5 trains per day for 2.5 years

Managed fleet of 30 vehicles running door-to-door logistics solutions

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