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integrating rail logistics solutions into the infrastructure sector.

Our Offering

As a strategic and collaborative rail consultancy, we provide proactive and sustainable solutions across a range of disciplines. We work closely with our clients to identify their requirements and the scope of services they desire. Building upon their needs, we support them every step of the way in delivering their vision.


We are a dynamic business with a passion for the services we offer. Our team of industry experts, with strong connections in the UK Rail Freight market, will ensure to provide our clients with the most cost effective solutions that drive genuine value in their supply chains. 

Feasibility and modelling

infrastructure services 

IT systems and support

Rail Logistics

Modelling the Rail Logistics Solution

  • Cost models

  • Proof of concept 

  • Resource identification

  • Wagon strategy

  • FOC strategy  

Major Projects

  • Programming and scope development 

  • Linking major infrastructure projects with the rail network 

  • Contract review and negotiation

  • Procurement and tendering  

Delivery of Rail Logistics Solution

  • Self-delivery

  • Control Tower Solution 

  • IT system integration

  • Performance management

  • Sustainable logistics

Design, build, and operation of your Rail Logistics solution

barrington train arrival edited (1).png
segment train west ruislip.jpg

Feasibility and Modelling



  • Capacity validation 

  • Rail timetabling and Priority Date Network Submission (PDNS) submission 

  • Forecast analysis 

  • FCTAC - ability to bid for and hold paths in Network Rail Working Timetable

Network Rail

  • Strategic pathing

  • Track access

  • Network change

  • Connection agreements

Performance Management 

  • KPIs and SLAs

  • Power BI dashboards and analysis 

What value will your Rail Logistics solution deliver?

Infrastructure Services


  • Terminal design and optimal solution 

  • P way design 

  • Fit for purpose 

Lead terminal set-up

  • Network Rail liaison

  • Mobilisation lead 

  • Supply chain lead 

Terminal management

  • Terminal method of work 

  • Terminal safety documentation

  • Supply chain performance regime

Fit for purpose terminals supporting efficient supply chain operations

stockpile wet.jfif

IT Systems and Support


  • Order to Cash 

  • Integrated train ordering portal 

  • Real-time Network performance and service tracking 

  • Terminal management

  • Wagon management 


  • Purpose built forecasting tools 

  • Cost per tonne analysis

  • Maximise procurement strategy and resource efficiency


  • Cloud based solution 

  • Data library and Power BI

  • Leading KPIs

Designing and delivering effective IT solutions 

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