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Developed by Legge Infrastructure Services in partnership with 3Squared. We have created an IT platform that integrates and informs the entire Rail Logistics Supply Chain, bringing to life the concept of the digital railway.

This ground-breaking, ‘first of a kind’ system will provide a positive disruption to the industry. Increasing the clarity and visibility of the rail logistics process by providing a client facing logistics system.


The BulkSmart system will also be integral to delivering the rail logistics solutions for HS2, allowing us full visibility of train ordering, running, performance & delivery.


The system will enable us to monitor and manage operations in our rail yard in live time and provide information and updates on all departures and arrivals into our terminal. The system will also deliver key data and metrics to enable us to effectively manage performance and deliver the most cost effective and efficient rail logistics solutions for our client.

We believe that BulkSmart will become an integral part of the rail logistics supply chain and will continue to drive efficiency, performance, and integration by providing full visibility for the client. As opposed to all of the information sitting with the freight operator, as has historically been the case, completely turning the industry on its head.


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