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Hs2 phase 1 - Area south

Working alongside SCSJV, one of the project’s main contractors, we will be playing a crucial role in the ECI process and first phase development of HS2 (High Speed 2). We are responsible for delivering the rail logistics solution for HS2 Area South Tunnel Drive.


We are heavily involved in Area South engagement and have a strong relationship with our client. 

The project involves the construction of over 21KM of tunnelling underneath central London. Spoil from the tunnelling works will be delivered to our site at Willesden, whereby we will be responsible for the stockpiling and onward distribution by rail of the spoil to various sites across the country.  


Our small team are responsible for managing a Central London rail terminal and several key packages to deliver the rail logistics solution, including:


  • Track renewal & maintenance 

  • Rail freight operation and delivery

  • Disposal points

  • Rail terminal operations 

  • Rail wagons & maintenance  

As a rail logistics solutions key contractor for HS2 we have Freight Customer Track Access Contract (FCTAC) status, meaning we are able to apply for paths on the UK rail network, and have strong relationships with Network Rail.

Overall completion of the project is due in 2025 and the work undertaken by LIServices will lay the foundations for next phases of HS2 and revolutionise rail transport in the UK for generations to come.  

630,000 trucks removed from UK roads 

15 KMs of Conveyors 

outbound spoil 

13,000 Tunnel rings delivered by rail 

40% co2 reduction versus moving all spoil by road*

6 million tonnes of spoil
disposed by rail

first of its kind rail it solution

150,000 tonne stockpile area

*Assumes 160 mile round trip by rail, 80 mile roundtrip by road.

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