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Peak rail operations for HS2

Operations are in full swing at Willesden Euroterminal as we navigate our peak period. Over the last two months, we have been running up to seven outbound spoil trains per day, alongside receiving an inbound tunnel segment train daily.

We have achieved an impressive delivery rate of 97% for ordered trains, disposing of over 350,000 tonnes of spoil by rail since the beginning of May. This spoil comprises material from the Old Oak Common Station box, a major new station for HS2, as well as from the two TBMs (Tunnel Boring Machines) creating the tunnels under London for the HS2 trains. All this material is deposited into our inert stockpile via conveyor.

By operating seven spoil trains daily, we are disposing of over 10,000 tonnes of material across our three rail disposal sites, effectively removing over 1,000 lorry movements from the roads each day.

Through our self-delivery model and the use of our IT system, BulkSmart, we have ensured high levels of efficiency, safety, and performance during this period.

General Manager for Rail, Graeme Murray, added this comment:

" We have now moved an incredible 2.3 million tonnes of inert material by rail since we began our operations in April 2021, with a further 3.2 million to be sustainably disposed of at our three strategically chosen rail connected sites. The success of our operations is firmly due to the commitment and collaboration of our team and the supply chain we work with. What we are doing is an excellent demonstration of how rail freight and major infrastructure project can work seamlessly together to provide a world class solution."

Our colleagues at SCS Railways have provided the attached drone footage of our 1,500th spoil train being loaded. This footage shows our rail connected terminal in Central London, which is the main hub for the disposal of over 5.6 million tonnes of excavated material from key HS2 sites, and the inbound delivery of over 36,000 tunnel segments. Our small team manages the terminal and all associated suppliers delivering the Materials by Rail solution for HS2.

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